Rodrigo Magalhães

Freelance Portuguese Translator

Delivering excellence for 21 years

Pricing & Payment

Mother Tongue European Portuguese pt-PT
Language Pairs English into Portuguese en>pt-PT
Spanish into Portuguese es>pt-PT
French into Portuguese fr>pt-PT
Italian into Portuguese it>pt-PT


As a general rule, I produce estimates for time and cost considering each project’s requirements and specificities and upon inspection of the source files, a requisite of paramount importance when aiming at having a good sense of the project's real workload (e.g., the terminological research effort it will require).

Nonetheless, it is common practice to agree on a flat rate for ongoing collaborations with notable monthly volumes and/or for a particular end client.

The estimate will be contingent on several factors, such as:

  • Project volume
  • Time requirements & constraints
  • Statistical text redundancy
  • Technical complexity
  • Terminological density
  • Source files format
  • Layout intricacy
  • Requirement for the usage of a specific CAT tool
  • Existence & quality of translation memories
  • Existence & quality of glossaries/terminological databases
  • Existence & quality of reference/support materials

The invoice will be issued on the date of delivery and payment is expected to be done within the following 45 days, through wire transfer (preferred method, to an EU bank account), skrill or paypal.

For submitting an estimate request or requesting information regarding my localisation (Website/Software), Project Coordination, Audio Transcription, Video Editing, Voice-Over or Subtitling services please send me an email including the source files (or representative samples of these) and the applicable aforelisted information.

Further information on Princing & Payment may be downloaded as a PDF here.

Minimum Rates

The table below shows my minimum rates for Translation, Technical Translation and Proofreading/Editing/Review services.

Please bear in mind that these are rates per target word and provided as a mere reference for budgeting purposes, since it is seldom the case that a project's characteristics allow me to charge my minimum rate.

Service Language Pair Rates starting at
Translation English>Portuguese € 0.08
Translation Spanish>Portuguese € 0.08
Translation French>Portuguese € 0.08
Translation Italian>Portuguese € 0.08
Technical translation English>Portuguese € 0.085
Technical translation Spanish>Portuguese € 0.085
Technical translation French>Portuguese € 0.085
Technical translation Italian>Portuguese € 0.085
Proofreading/Editing/Review English>Portuguese € 0.03
Proofreading/Editing/Review Spanish>Portuguese € 0.03
Proofreading/Editing/Review French>Portuguese € 0.03
Proofreading/Editing/Review Italian>Portuguese € 0.03

Rates per target word.

Translation Memory Discounts

Language Pair No Match Rep. 100% 95-99% 85-94% 75-84% 50-74%
EN>PT 100% 20% 20% 30% 60% 80% 90%
FR>PT 100% 20% 20% 30% 60% 80% 90%
IT>PT 100% 20% 20% 30% 60% 80% 90%
ES>PT 100% 20% 20% 30% 60% 80% 90%

The tables shows base rate factors.